Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mexico Highlights

High points of my recent Yucatan trip:

  • Asking the waiter for coffee and getting in reply a blank, uncomprehending stare along with a vehement "Corona? Pina colada? "
  • Asking the lady at the taqueria to recommend tequila, and being referred to the in-house specialist - an eight year old boy. (Who by the way, was *extremely* knowledgeable.)
  • A series of road signs all of which read "Follow the signs".
  • A vendor offering to sell a trinket for a dollar...which turned out to be a 'Mayan' dollar : 8 USD apparently.
  • Bruising my gums on a nacho (which my Cuban friend convinces me is a part of the initiation)
  • Finding a village called 'Number 2'.
  • Harry Potter in Spanish!!!
  • Eating cactus. Well, drinking it too :D